Interpretation of data for social studies sba

I would also recommend that the government forms allegiance with the private enterprise to take on workers to work in their establishments and the government pays a portion of the salary and the private enterprise owners pay a portion.

Social Studies Sba Essay Sample

In order to solve this problem I would do the following: The researcher also found out some of the effects of teenage pregnancy in the Seaforth Community. Get the youth more involved in church programmes such as the youth choir D.

Over the past couple of years the researcher has noticed that there is a rise in the level of teenage pregnancy among teenage girls in the community. Bar graph showing possible solutions for the issue of teenage pregnancy.

Broken homes and poor role models were also stated as causes of teenage pregnancy. They establish gangs How long have you been residing in this Community.

This will help to prevent teenage pregnancy. Employed Unemployed Self-employed Not seeking a job 7. Males Females Both The government would then make an estimate of how much would be needed to start a viable business.

Pie chart showing the reasons for teenage pregnancy in the Seaforth community. In order to do this, the researcher has decided to use the printed questionnaire.

I will also like to acknowledge my creator and provider the lord God who has given me the strength to complete this research. It takes less time to carry out. They take matters into their own hands C.

Rational I choose this question because of my concerns toward children living on the streets of Montego Bay and to determine the causes and effects of this. Method of investigation In order to collect data from the survey, I have decided to use printed questionnaires. Is Unemployment evident in the community.

This therefore means that even residents who have been living in the community for less than a year is cognizant of the fact that unemployment is an issue in the community. None of the respondents stated another option. What is your occupational status.

Contact someone who will be able to help the street children Write letters to the editor of the newspapers concerning this issue Suggest denotation. A total of twenty five names were then drawn from the box, one at a time. Health problems were also stated as an effect. Defined by Preston () cited in Kochhar () Social Studies are the portions of History, Geography, Civics and other Social Sciences that are selected for use in teaching.

Social Studies SBA sample; Social Studies SBA sample. From the study the researcher hopes to gain a better understanding of this social issue and in turn will be able to suggest possible solutions for the issue. Analysis and Interpretation of Data The researcher found out that there are many reasons contributing to teenage pregnancy in.

social studies SBA: Raseena Reid Procedures for Data Collection 11 Presentation and Explanation of Data Analysis and Interpretation of Data Statement of Findings 23 Recommendation and 24 Implementation Strategy ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 1 Raseena Reid Cooperation is a word that when transformed into actions wrought countless benefits.

Social studies sba Essay

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In analyzing the survey, cumulative data revealed that majority of the respondents were between the ages of 14 and 16 followed by the age group: 17 and 19, and the minority: 11 to Social Studies Sba Words | 6 Pages interest in religion in Hertford District Dear, This is a research being carried out in Hertford District to find the number of teenagers who goes to church and their interest in religion.

Social Studies Sba Essay Sample.

Social Studies SBA sample

Table of Contents1 Acknowledgements2 Statement of the problem3 I would like t thank my Social Studies teacher for giving me this opportunity to do the S.B.A. I would also like to thank my neighbor Lilith Green who helped me in do this S.B.A.


Interpretation of data for social studies sba
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