Essay on role of media in national development

There are other features as well that make Pakistan quite distinct from other nation-states. The Payne Fund Studies and the consequent panic caused by the dramatised version of H. But in overall terms, it can be stated with confidence that the media in this period have helped the Pakistani nation to acquire a new level of awareness and to express pluralism in public discourse unknown in all previous decades of history.

The media facilitates economic growth and empowerment. Far more than in earlier centuries, with print media and books, it was in the 20th century that modern mass media acquired a pervasive political presence. On the one hand, as partners and beneficiaries in the avaricious advance of the free market, as vehicles for increased, aggressive commercialism and advertising.

Essay on bob marley redemption song essay debating democracy overrated or undervalued raiyaanah essays. They can keep a check on public policy by throwing a spotlight on government action. Whether news media can fulfil such expectations depends on major enhancements and versatility in their professional capacity.

More than ever, states are now concentrating into themselves the power of nations. Democracy and good governance: Climate change may devastate whole eco-systems so badly that nations too could be destabilized at their cores.

The media can be examined in terms of broadcast media or print media. The media in general, in East or in West, accurately and fulsomely reflected the nation-wide surge of a new sense of fellowship. What are the likely effects of agenda setting.

These are the conventional social functions the media render to the public, but which is equally applicable in broader sense in national development pursuit.

Diaspora sub-nationalisms can be reinforced and recently immigrated communities shrunk to a ghettoization of the mind with the help of media.

Chapman, R et al. Do you agree with them. The compulsory screening and playing of the national anthem and the national flag before every cinema show reinforced awareness of, and pride in, the new national identity. My favourite sportsperson essay writer. States can be developed and built by deliberate human actions.

With the assumption of power by General Pervez Musharraf in Decembermedia in Pakistan entered a distinct new phase of rapid change and notable ironies.

The Role of Media in National and International Development Essay Example

There is therefore need for more local content and local languages, which points to the importance of community media. He said the media are not the sole cause of effects see Kunczik,Baker and BallMacQuail Some of other common effects are the misleading headlines.

Agricultural journalism is of recent origin in India. The Fate of the Nation-state. The media provides the atmosphere for healthy trade; they also foster the climate of transparency and accountability.

BoxKano, Nigeria. But seen in holistic terms, all the contributory factors that shape the development of nations are far too numerous, intricate and diverse to be subject to any laboratory-made, pre-set design. Hence it has to be loyal to the society because they are the watchdog of the people and not the government.

Kunczik, M Concepts of Journalism: The media actually alerts the community to the changing circumstances affecting their lives. The success of agricultural development programmes in developing countries largely depends on the nature and extent of use of mass media in mobilisation of people for development.

The first level will enact the common subjects which are most important. In parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America, many nations are states only in name.

However, the conscience of the media itself needs reorientation to shed off characteristics of the ravaging societal malaise which in some ways, affect the media themselves.

This conclusion disrupted the image of the mass media as a hypodermic needle or a magic bullet, that is, the notion that the media had direct, immediate and powerful effects on people's behaviour.

Some countries, such as Ghana, have made it legal and mandatory to include communication in every development project. To this effect he has identified ten things wrong with the strong effects tradition. The government is a crucial bridge between the government and the people.

Nordic Journal of African Studies Vol. Association for Education in Education and Mass Communication. It is only through the media that the government can communicate with its people in any mass sense Postill.

Media is considered to be the 4th pillar of the society while the other three being legislative, executive and judiciary. It plays an important role in the welfare of the society, working as an informer, an educator, a form of entertainment and an opinion influencer.

The role of the media is crucial and ranges from promoting national identity and cohesion to galvanizing the resolve of peoples in achieving progress and development as well as meeting contemporary challenges.

Essay on role of media in national development

The downside is that the media can become the instrument of state propaganda. Essay on role of media in national development Essay on role of media in national development.

Posted on November 25, by. Essay on role of media in national development. 4 stars based on 41 reviews Essay. Media‟s role in national development can be analysed from political, economic and social perspectives.

In the political sphere, media‟s role can be found in areas of democracy and good governance, political transparency, foreign policy, human rights, war on terrorism, and public relations. In the economic sphere. Essay on role of media in national development. 未分類; 年11月25日 0. Essay on role of media in national development.

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Essay on role of media in national development
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